Lil-Lets Teens Starter Pack - with reusable cosmetic bag

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Lil-Lets Teens Starter Pack is perfect for your first period. We've put a range of products in one handy pack so you can try a selection of products and decide what works for you.

Our period starter pack is packaged in a pretty, reusable cosmetic bag so it's perfect for keeping in a school bag, bathroom, or underwear drawer.

Lil-Lets Teens Period Starter Pack includes:

  • 4x Lil-Lets Teens Day pads with wings
  • 2x Lil-Lets Teens Night pads with wings
  • 1x Lil-Lets Teens Panty Liners Pouch (contains 4 panty liners)
  • 2x Lil-Lets SmartFit™ Lite Non-Applicator Tampons
  • 2x Lil-Lets SmartFit™ Regular Non-Applicator Tampon
  • 1x Lil-Lets SmartFit™ Super Non-Applicator Tampons
  • 1x Lil-Lets “Becoming a Teen” booklet - full of advice about puberty, periods and growing up.

Product Features:

  • Contains a selection of Lil-Lets Teens products to allow you to become familiar with different period products and choose what works best for you.
  • Packaged in a pretty, re-useable cosmetics bag (great for keeping in a school bag).
  • Lil-Lets Teens period pads are designed to be smaller for more petite bodies but still offer great absorbency and period protection.
  • Lil-Lets  Smartfit™ tampons expand all the way round for amazing comfort, fit and protection. Three different tampon absorbencies (lite/regular/super) are included in this pack for you to choose what works for you.
  • Lil-Lets Teens pant liners offer perfect pant protection, for that fresh feeling all day, every day.
  • Includes a handy booklet full of useful things to know about puberty and periods.