About Us


Since 1954 we’ve been passionate about understanding women’s* bodies better and have listened and learnt from you. We go through so many changes in our lives, from first periods through to menopause… It’s amazing what our bodies can do.

We’ve come to learn that everybody is unique, and one size doesn’t fit all, that’s why we make products designed to fit your individual needs – your comfort, your life style, life choices and of course, your life stage.

Here at Lil-Lets, we’re passionate about providing you with the best intimate personal care products. So, whether you prefer applicator or non-applicator tampons, or choose pads or reusable products, we have something that’s the perfect fit for you.

We pride ourselves on enabling you to choose what works for you, providing a wide range of products so that you can navigate every one of life’s periods, comfortably and confidently.

* We use words like ‘women’ and ‘girl’ but believe language shouldn’t be a barrier and we understand that periods aren’t just for women and that not all women have periods. We want to enable people to be themselves and to choose what works for them. We believe everyone who experiences menstruation has a right to the products and information they need, without shame or stigma.