Lil-Lets Menstrual Cup - Size 2

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Choice is everything, so if you're looking for sustainable period care, our menstrual cups are a great, reusable alternative to tampons and pads! Menstrual cups are designed to collect menstrual fluid rather than absorb it. You can wear your cup for 4-8 hours before emptying, cleaning, and reinserting.

Product Features:

  • Made from medical grade silicone and is free from latex, BPA & phthalates. Our super soft & flexible material provides ultimate comfort & easier insertion, ideal for beginners.
  • Size 2 menstrual cups are for women over 30yrs old or those that have given birth vaginally. If you are under 30yrs old or have not given birth vaginally, choose size 1.
  • Lil-Lets menstrual cup also comes with a certified organic cotton bag for convenience and easy storage in-between periods.